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Easy and fast create, edit and encrypt PDF files from any document
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Pdf995 Suite is the free way to access to creation, edition and encryption of pdf files. It's not exactly free though. You can choose between the sponsored version – for free – in wich you will be seeing ads for Pdf955 and other software produced by the same software company, and the really affordable registered version.
The Pdf995 Suite consists of three main modules: the pdf995 printer driver; the pdfEdit995 and the Signature995. Let's know something about them:
Pdf995 printer driver.
With this printer driver installed on your PC you will be able to create files in the PDF format from any software that can print on a regular printer. You will see a new printer listed in your system called “PDF995”. Just send to print through this printer the documents you want to convert and it's done! You will be prompted to enter the name of the PDF file you wish to create and the location to save it. Right after that, the new file will be launched on Acrobat.
This module is the most important of three. On an easy-to-use interface consisting on a set of tabs you will be provided of multiple interesting and usefull functions to edit your PDF files, among them :
Combine existing PDF files and/or extract pages from them.
Rotate pages as needed.
Configure the printer driver in features as: autolanch files on creation, automatically name files according to certain criteria, default page size to use, among others.
Optimize PDF for Web viewing.
Stamp documents with text as “CONFIDENTIAL”.
Generate summaries automatically.
Extract images.
Batch printing of files.

When it's about security this module comes in handy. The interface is the same visual language than pdfEdit995, and the sections and functions are:
Encryption: not only PDF files but Microsoft Office and zip files too. Generates a copy of the original document in the same location.
Decryption: decrypts files encrypted with Signature995 if the correct password is supplied. Generates a copy of the original document in the same location.
Sign: signs your documents using your digital certificate. Generates a copy of the original document in the same location.
Co-Sign: adds a signature using your digital certificate to documents that already have been signed.
Verify: verifies and display certificates on signed documents.

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  • Economic or free
  • Very easy to use
  • Real fast
  • Low PC requirements


  • Annoying sponsored version
  • Configuration of the printer through the pdfedit995
  • Unavailable suite installer (one module at a time)
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