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PDF is undoubtedly one of the most popular document formats nowadays. The application I am reviewing allows you to create this type of file from any program that supports printing. As many other similar tools available, the program does its work by installing a virtual printer. Thus, if you know how to print, then you also know how to use PDF995. Unfortunately, for the application to work properly, you need to download and install two files instead of one, which adds complexity to the installation process.

It is a pity that compared with other products of the same type, this one offers few possibilities of customizing the resulting documents. Allow me to mention just some of the few things it cannot do. First, it does not allow any type of editing, such as putting a stamp or manipulating pages. Second, this tool cannot add security to protect the contents of your files. Finally, you cannot control the output graphic quality to reduce file size.

All in all, although PDF995 is free to use, it opens a sponsor page every time you use the software, of which you can get rid by upgrading the product at a very affordable price. Moreover, you would probably need to install other tools of the same developer if you want to have a more satisfactory creation of PDF documents. One of these programs, called PdfEdit995, lets you add watermarks and optimize file size. Likewise, Signature995 is intended to prevent printing and copying the documents without authorization. Lastly, I regret to say this is a product that I do not recommend.

Pedro Castro
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  • Converts any printable document to PDF


  • Cannot add security
  • Does not allow setting output graphic quality
  • Cannot add stamps
  • Cannot manipulate pages
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